Appeals - housing benefit


Appeals against housing benefit decisions

When we have dealt with your claim for housing benefit we will send you a benefit decision letter, which will show the information we have used to work out your benefit. You should check this letter carefully.

If you think the information used to work out your housing benefit is wrong, you may dispute it in any of the following ways:

  • you can ask us to explain it in writing
  • you may ask us to review the decision (look at it again) - you can still appeal later
  • you may wish to appeal the decision to an independent appeal tribunal, who can change the decision if they agree it is wrong.  We recommend you do this only after the decision has been reviewed

If you did not receive a form with your decision letter you can complete the online dispute form.

If you think the decision is correct based on the information provided by you, and you are experiencing difficulties in meeting your housing costs you may also apply for extra help.

Landlords may only appeal the following decisions: 

  • that housing benefit cannot be paid direct to them
  • that there has been an overpayment of the housing benefit that was paid to them

There is a time limit of one calendar month from the date of the decision to review or appeal the decision.

The grounds for requesting us to look at the decision again or submitting an appeal may include the following:

  • you have used the wrong amount of rent, eg it is £65 not £55
  • you have stated the wrong moving-in date, eg you moved into the property on 15 April and not 15 May
  • you have used the wrong amount of income, eg you only receive £85 per week and not £95 per week as you originally stated