Appeals - housing benefit

Appeals against a housing benefit decision

When we have made a decision about your benefit we will send you a notification letter which will show the information we have used to work out your benefit. You should check this letter carefully.

If you think the information used to work out your housing benefit is wrong, you may dispute it within one month of the date of the decision letter, in any of the following ways:

  • Ask us to explain our decision (Statement of Reasons)
    • You may ask for a written Statement of Reasons for the decision.
    • Once you have received your Statement of Reasons you can still ask us to look at the decision again or submit an appeal.
    • The one month you are allowed to make your request/submit an appeal will be extended by the time it has taken for us to provide you with the Statement of Reasons.
  • Ask us to look at our decision again (Revision)
    • If you ask us to review the decision, please tell us in writing why you think the decision is wrong.
    • We will look at the decision again and then issue a notice, which will state the reasons for our decision, taking into consideration what you have told us.
    • If we can change your decision we will tell you of our new decision.  You have the right to appeal further after you receive your Revision decision notice.
  • Appeal the decision
    • To an independent appeal tribunal, who can change the decision if they agree it is wrong.
    • We recommend you do this only after the decision has been reviewed.
    • If you asked for an appeal on the dispute form you must complete and sign the appeal tribunal request form sent to you.