Carers assessment

If, after accessing the advice, information and services available on CarePlace, your own health and wellbeing continues to be impacted by care you provide, you may benefit from a carers assessment.

You are entitled to a carers assessment if you are caring for someone with health problems or a disability, even if the person you care for doesn’t want, or need, an assessment themselves.

During the assessment you will be asked about:

  • The care and support you provide
  • Who, if anyone, supports you to provide this care
  • The impact this has on your own health and wellbeing
  • What actions you have already taken to support you as a carer
  • What could be done to make things easier for you


Before a carers assessment, it is helpful to prepare by thinking about the areas that will be discussed, as listed above.

An assessment could help you in many ways, for example it could help you find out about, or access, support or services that could;

  • give you a break from caring
  • provide advice and information on a range of topics
  • provide someone to talk to about your situation
  • help you think about, and plan, what would happen if an emergency situation meant you could not care for your loved one
  • help you to consider how you achieve things in your everyday life, for example, study, work, exercise and social activities

Should you feel that a carers assessment would be suitable for you, you can either: