The following forms are available for download in word format.

Removal of vehicle report
To be used where a vehicle has been removed from the public highway or council owned land.

Damage on the public highway
Damage to property due to potholes on the highway, pavement defects and street furniture etc.

Injury on the public highway
Injury caused by highway and footway defects.

Damage on council land (excluding housing)
Damage to property in parks and open spaces.

Injury on council land (excluding housing)
Injury suffered in parks and open spaces.

Subsidence damage caused by tree roots
Damage to property caused by tree roots from council owned trees.

Damage to council's tenants property (only to be used where blame may attach to the council)
Damage to tenants personal property caused by the council's negligence. (Council tenants who have home contents insurance should telephone the insurance and risk management section on (020) 8825 7310/8816).

Accidents to public/tenants on council housing land or in housing properties
Injury to public/tenants on housing footways, carriageways or other housing property.   

Tenants home contents insurance application form
Application form for council tenants to apply for the council tenants home contents insurance scheme. The application from is to be returned to Wessex Administration Services. Their details are to be found at the top of the form.