New claim

How to make a new claim

To apply for housing benefit and/or council tax support you must complete an online claim form.

If you are not able to complete an online claim straight away you can register your intention to claim by starting the online claim and selecting the 'save for later' option. Once you have registered your intention to claim you must complete the online claim form and provide all the evidence required within one month of the date of your claim. You can also register your intention to claim by telephone. 

Proof of identity and income and your national insurance number must be provided. All documents supporting your claim must be original. We do not accept photocopies.

If you are married or live with your partner/civil partner you should make one claim.

If you live in a bail hostel, residential care or nursing home you should contact Job Centre Plus, 86-92 Uxbridge Road Ealing W13 8RA, tel: (020) 8258 3000.

You cannot claim council tax support if you/and your partner are of working age and have combined capital or investments of £8,000 or more.  This rule does not apply if you have reached state pension credit age. Find out your state pension credit age by using state pension age calculator on the GOV.UK website.

When to claim

You should claim straight away as any delay could mean you lose benefit. Your benefit will usually start from the Monday after we receive your claim.

If you know that your circumstances are about to change, eg if you are moving house, you can claim up to 13 weeks before.

If you claim in the same week (Monday to Sunday) in which you first start paying rent, your benefit will start in the same week.

You can ask for your housing benefit to start earlier but we will only backdate claims if you have a good reason for not claiming sooner. Working age people cannot make a backdated claim for council tax support.

Claim accuracy

The Department of Works and Pensions and Ealing Council require that the awards of housing and/or council tax support that we make is correct.  We will check those claims where it is most likely that a change may have occurred, eg where a private pension is in payment or the customer is in receipt of earnings.

You still have a duty to notify the council of any changes to your circumstances and to complete any additional forms sent to you.

Failure to answer the questions on the form(s) may result in your benefit payments being suspended or cancelled.