Carer's assessments

What's included in a carer's assessment

A carer's assessment will identify how we can support you in your role as a care giver. You can ask for a carers assessment if:

  • you have needs as a result of caring for another adult
  • you are a young carer, moving towards adulthood

The assessment is a time to talk about your needs and current situation. You will be asked questions, such as:

  • do your needs arise because you are providing necessary care and support to another person?
  • is your physical or mental health affected or at risk of deteriorating because you are caring for another adult?
  • how does this impact on your sense of wellbeing?

After your assessment, we will tell you whether you are eligible for support:

  • If you are eligible and would like us to help you, we will work with you to make sure that your care and support needs are met
  • If you are not eligible for support, we can give you information and advice on where to find support for your current needs, as well as make suggestions to help you in the future

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