Customer services standards

Customer services standards by service

Find out about our specific customer service standards by service.

Adults services (pdf)

Blue badges and freedom passes (pdf)

Building control (pdf)

Complaints (pdf)

Envirocrime prevention: Includes flyposting, flytipping, graffiti removal, illegal/unlit skips, report nuisance vehicle (pdf)

Housing and council tax benefits

Highways (pdf)

Local land charges (pdf)

Parking services (pdf)

Parks, open spaces and trees (pdf)

Planning and planning enforcement (pdf)

Registrars (pdf)

Repairs and adaptations service/home improvement agency (pdf)

Street services: Street cleansing, refuse and recycling, street trading (pdf)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Customer service principles
  3. Our commitment to you - Ealing Council Customer Charter
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