Reducing the chance of having a fall

Many people worry about falling, usually in relation to a disability, or as they get older. If you worry about falling there are a number of things you can do to improve your mobility and reduce your risk of falling.

Ealing falls prevention programme

If you are concerned about falling, or have already had a fall, Ealing’s falls prevention programme is here to help. There are exercise programmes to help improve your balance, a handyperson's service to help make your home safer, and a personal alarm service to alert a friend or the ambulance service if you've fallen.

Top tip: Take action to reduce your risk of falling as soon as you start to worry about it. The sooner you take action to more likely you are to reduce the chance of falling.

Reduce your risk of falling

These programmes are available through a partnership between Ealing Council, Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), NHS based services and local community groups.

Some strength and balance classes are free, however there may be a charge for some home repairs and monitoring services.

For more information, tips, and even a self-assessment to measure your risk of suffering a fall, fantastic resources are available on the NHS Choices falls page.