Equipment and adaptations

Making your home suitable for someone with a disability

Ealing Council has occupational therapists who can assess the need for special equipment and adaptations to your home. Services may be recommended if you are eligible under the Care Act -  Care and Support criteria.


Occupational therapy equipment may be available to meet a need arising from a disability, for example, a raised toilet seat or bathing equipment.

Equipment is also available for people who have sight or hearing impairments, and mobility equipment for getting about outside the home. Equipment is provided free of charge to all Ealing residents and is on loan as long as it is needed.


An occupational therapist will be able to advise about adaptations that would make your home more suitable.

These may be minor adaptations, such as:

  • grab rails to aid stability
  • a door entry system to let callers in if you are unable to reach the front door

More major adaptations would include:

  • a stair lift
  • a ramp for wheelchair access
  • a level access shower

An application can only be approved where the works are considered necessary and appropriate plus and are reasonable and practicable with regard to the age and condition of the dwelling.

If the occupational therapist recommends adaptations to your home you will be referred to Ealing Council's repairs and adaptation service who will arrange for the work to be carried out.

Adaptations to the home are free to tenants.

Our service standards

An occupational therapist will aim to carry out an assessment within 28 days
If you are referred to the council's repairs and adaptation service for more major adaptations to your home, they will aim to meet the following timescales:

  • visit you to check the feasibility of the agreed adaptation within three weeks of allocation to a surveyor
  • approve the necessary funding within 18.5 weeks

Ealing Council will measure and report on satisfaction with the service by carrying out surveys 

Ealing Council's leaseholders

Leaseholders should contact the social services contact centre. They can refer you to the occupational therapy service. If, following the occupational therapist's assessment, a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) is recommended then this will be subject to a financial means test. Adaptations funded by a DFG are owned by leaseholders and must be maintained by the leaseholder.

Further information

Staff will ask you questions to try and identify how we can best meet your needs and explain what will happen next. 

More information on occupational therapy.

Social services contact centre
Telephone: 020 8825 8000

Repairs and adaptation service
Telephone: 020 8825 6070