Falls prevention and support

Staying steady on your feet and safe at home

As we age, the chances of suffering a fall increase. This can affect your confidence, your balance and make even short trips to the shops or to visit friends a challenge. 

If you are concerned about falling, or have already had a fall, Ealing’s falls prevention programme is here to help. There are programmes to help improve your balance, a handyperson's service to help make your home safer, and a personal alarm service to alert a friend or the ambulance service if you've fallen.

Balance and strength classes are available for a small fee, there may be a charge for some home repairs and monitoring services.

Services on offer include: 

  • strength and balance programme. You can sign up directly, and if you have a friend who also is concerned about their balance, bring them too.
  • Equipment and adaptations service can give you advice. Following an assessment they may make small adjustments or install equipment into your home to make it safer.  
  • Ealing Careline is a personal alarm and monitoring service. There is a nominal fee and costs vary based on level of service.
  • Ealing's handyperson scheme can help with minor jobs around your home from fixing light bulbs to repairing broken stair treads.  

These programmes are available through a partnership between Ealing Council, Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), NHS based services and local community groups.

For more information, tips, and even a self-assessment to measure your risk of suffering a fall, fantastic resources are available on the NHS Choices falls page.