Bulky items collection

Other ways to get rid of bulky waste

  • If you are unable to book a collection with us, the West London Waste Authority offer a bulky waste collection service that you can use
  • Take back schemes if you are buying a new large item, the company should offer to take away the old one
  • You could donate items to charity
  • Take your items to a reuse and recycling centre
  • Use websites and online communities, some examples include Freecycle, Freegle, Gumtree and Ebay
  • Love Junk marketplace waste removal
  • Litta a sustainable rubbish clearance company
  • Kwik Sweep is an on demand rubbish and removal service for households and businesses throughout London

How to dispose of items not included in the bulky waste service 

  • Asbestos and other hazardous waste needs specialist removal
  • Boilers can be disposed of as scrap metal at a reuse and recycling centre
  • Building and DIY supplies for example bricks, builders rubble, concrete, earth, sand, gravel. This waste should be taken to a reuse and recycling centre and vehicles must pass over the weighbridge. Charges may apply
  • Cast iron baths should be taken to a reuse and recycling centre
  • Dead domestic pets should be taken to a veterinarian surgery for disposal
  • Oil for example lubrication oils or greases, heating oil or cooking oils can be taken to a reuse and recycling centre
  • Engine oil should be taken to a reuse and recycling centre. Alternatively, engine oil only can be placed in a plastic bottle clearly labelled as engine oil and put on top of your blue recycling bin
  • Tins of paint should be taken to a reuse and recycling centre
  • Wrapped disposable nappies should be placed in your normal, household rubbish