On the go recycling

'On the go' recycling bins are available in parks across the borough. Easy to use and convenient, 'on the go' recycling means you can recycle when you are outside of your home.

Whether you are enjoying a picnic, playing sports, or eating and drinking while 'on the go' you can conveniently recycle items and in turn help the environment.

'On the go' recycling bins are available in the following areas:  

  • Ealing Common
  • Northala Fields
  • Acton Park
  • Elthorne Park
  • Norwood Green

You are able to recycle:

  • Mixed paper - including newspapers, magazine and paper serviettes
  • Plastic - including bottles and food containers
  • Cans - including drink cans, food tins and foil wrap

The 'on the go' recycling bins feature artwork by children from the borough, who took part in an environmental art competition. Find out more.