Business waste

Ealing Council is committed to improving the street environment within the borough for everyone who lives, works and visits.

All businesses are responsible for safely disposing of any waste they produce. 

If you, or your employees, dump rubbish on the street you are a fly-tipper and face a fine of up to £50,000.

The council can help you to ensure that your business stores and disposes of waste in a legal and environmentally sensitive way. Most businesses in the borough have a contract with the council or a private company to dispose of their rubbish.

Reminder that if you run a business, you must: 

  • use a licensed waste collection company  
  • arrange and pay for the disposal of waste that your business produces 
  • not illegally dispose of rubbish
  • keep your waste in proper containers 
  • have a collection contract in place 
  • keep records - waste transfer notes 

Read GOV.UK guidance on disposing of business waste

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