Pre-application advice

Householder development advice and duty officer appointments

The duty planning officer is able to discuss general planning issues and those relating to the following developments:

  • Certificate of lawfulness
  • Advertisements
  • Shopfronts
  • Approval of details
  • Householder applications
  • Simple extensions and alterations
  • Simple change of use.

There is a bookable service for householders and businesses at a charge of £186 (£155 plus VAT) for a thirty minute appointment.

Should you wish to receive advice in writing a further fee for each site of £50 plus VAT is required. Please note that this is separate from advice on building control matters.

How to book an appointment

Please telephone 020 8825 6600 and select 'hot key 0' to request an appointment to see the duty officer. The customer service agent will offer you the earliest appointment available and if an agent you will be required to pay for the appointment. Appointments are available in half hour intervals from 10am to 1.30pm. 

Much of the information you need to submit an application is also contained on this website and you are encouraged to consider this before you contact the council.