Healthy Streets around schools

Ealing Council is developing local, school-based programmes of walking, cycling, traffic reduction and air quality improvements.

Liveable neighbourhoods aim to improve quality of life across a significant area by reducing traffic and encouraging walking, cycling and the use of public transport. In comparison, a Mini-Liveable Neighbourhood (MLN) will focus on a smaller area, will support safer routes to school and improve local areas to encourage residents to travel sustainably. 

Measures could include creating green spaces and cycling infrastructure, redesigning junctions and widening walking routes to improve access to local shops, businesses and public transport.

The objectives of the project will be to improve conditions for walking, cycling and other forms of active travel, improve road safety and improve local air quality not only for children and parents travelling to school, but also for all those who work, live and visit the area.

Area of focus

The area of focus are the roads enclosed by Fraser Road, Wadsworth Road, Aintree Road and Federal Road.

The project will target this specific area of Perivale and deliver overall improvements which will serve to enable and promote active travel for all those who work, live and visit the area. These measures could also improve the overall feel of the neighbourhood and potentially make it safer, healthier and more ‘liveable’.

There are two schools in this area that will be participating in this programme:

  • St John Fisher’s Catholic Primary School
  • Perivale Primary School

School Streets

Schools Streets are time-limited street closures, to allow children to arrive and leave school in a safe and pleasant environment.  They restrict traffic from entering the street during prescribed hours, transforming them into pedestrian and cycle zones. 

A number of London boroughs and Local Authorities across the country have implemented successful school streets. The result is a reduction in traffic around the school gates and more children walking, cycling or taking public transport to their school, instead of being dropped off by car, at the school gate. 

School streets are one of the options for an MLN around school times.

What has already happened?

To demonstrate the value of the project and to celebrate Car Free Day, both Perivale Primary and St John Fisher Catholic Primary organised PlayStreets on 20 September, which gave children and adults the chance to experience the street outside school free from traffic. Schools have also been benefitting from a range of activities to support active travel, include cycle skills training, and Ealing Council will continue to work with the schools to support the project to get the most benefits.

How can I get involved? 

  • Perception survey were available from Monday 11 November until Sunday 1 December. This has let us know about what you considered the most important ways to make the area healthy.
  • A drop-in session on 25 November was organised for all to ask questions and complete the survey with us.
  • Attend the co-design work that will be held on 16 January 2020 at St Nicholas Church Hall. Outcomes from the co-design workshop will then feed in to a proposed package of work for the area, consisting of a number of schemes and complementary measures.

How do I stay informed? 

If you have any questions or queries please email