Sheltered housing to rent

Housing for older people

What are the benefits of sheltered housing?

The type of accommodation provided may be smaller and easier to manage than your current home. Often our residents can make savings on rent, fuel bills and repair costs as well as benefitting from homes that need less cleaning and maintenance.

Each resident has their own bungalow or self-contained flat, linked by heated corridors, to shared facilities such as a common room, laundry or guest room.

Facilities and activities within sheltered schemes

Each sheltered housing scheme is unique with different facilities and activities available, for example:

  • private or communal garden
  • common room
  • lifts
  • car park
  • a laundry room
  • a guest room

The following activities are available giving residents a chance to mix with other residents when they choose:

  • coffee mornings
  • bingo
  • fish and chip suppers
  • exercise classes

Most residents regularly arrange birthday parties, Christmas dinners, barbecues, day trips to seaside towns or museums where all residents are welcome. Some events are organised across many sheltered housing schemes, for example the choir that perform in Ealing’s prestigious town hall and on special occasions alongside pupils from a local school.

Resident association 

Residents are invited to start their own activity groups through their resident association.

Some events are facilitated by resident associations who also play an important role in scheme management and ensuring your voice is heard by holding regular meetings to discuss any of your problems, concerns or suggestions.

For more information on resident associations and how you can become involved, please contact the resident involvement team on 020 8825 6535 or email