South Acton Estate

Current status and next steps

In 2010-11, the council and Acton Gardens embarked on one of the most comprehensive consultation programmes of its type to develop a masterplan to guide the regeneration. This received planning approval in 2012. Features of the new neighbourhood to be known as Acton Gardens will include:

  • the demolition of all existing homes and their replacement with 2,350 new energy-efficient and generously-sized homes
  • half of the new homes will be affordable and most existing secure tenants will be able to simply move to their new homes once they have been built
  • green and pleasant development based around five new parkland neighbourhoods
  • reintegration of the estate into surrounding area by improving access and permeability
  • a 20% increase in open space, and additional allotments
  • a brand new community hub including youth, community and retail facilities.

    To date the council and Acton Gardens have:

    • demolished 19 old blocks
    • over 1,000 new homes have either been built or are in the pipeline (at April 2017), half of which will be available for social rent or shared equity/ownership (Easter 2017)

      Next steps

      Over the past year or so, the council and Acton Gardens have been working on amendments to future phases of the scheme to deliver improvements to the programme. These include:

      • increasing the pace of development by reducing the total scheme length by three years. All moves will now take place by 2024.
      • started work on the 'community hub' described above, the first phase of which will be completed by spring 2018.
      • Re-worked the proposals so that more people living in the north of the area (known as the 'red bricks' can stay living in that part of the development when their current homes are redeveloped.
      • bringing forward the delivery of a new link road to the high street to improve access and permeability.