South Acton Estate

About the estate

A number of benefits have been identified for the redevelopment of South Acton estate:

  • Excellent transport links, with both Acton Town and South Acton stations
  • The site is close to Acton High Street
  • There are a number of vacant sites on the estate which gives flexibility on where the regeneration scheme can be started
  • A strong and vibrant community that is working closely with the council to ensure that the best decisions for the future are chosen.

    There are, however, a number of challenges:

    • Connections within the estate and surrounding areas, including the town centre, are poor
    • The area suffers from urban design problems that characterise housing of the 1950s to 1970s
    • Public space is poorly designed and there are problems with anti-social behaviour

      From 1999, a series of stand-alone schemes took place to address issues with specific blocks that were life expired, or suffering structural issues. In 2008, the council took the decision to comprehensively regenerate the area, as this is considered to be the best way to achieve the transformative effect desired by residents and the authority.

      Repairs and maintenance

      The regeneration of South Acton is a long-term programme that will take a number of years to complete. Improvement works under the decent homes programme were not carried-out because of the limited life of homes that will be demolished. To keep the existing blocks in good order essential repairs will be carried out throughout the regeneration period. A programme of "meanwhile" works to be carried-out in the coming years will be developed and discussed with resident representatives. 

      Related council cabinet reports

      24 March 2015 – Housing Regeneration Update – Future Phases of the South Acton Regeneration Programme