Havelock Estate

Current status and next steps

Current status and next steps

In March 2013 the council confirmed that it would enter into an agreement with Catalyst Housing Limited to undertake the redevelopment of the estate.
Following detailed resident consultation Catalyst submitted an outline planning application for the whole estate and a detailed application to undertake phase 1 of the regeneration.
Phase 1 is divided into Phase 1a and Phase 1b.
Phase 1a of the project completed in June 2017 providing 98 units consisting of 46 social rent, 16 shared ownership and 36 sale. Secure tenants from Phase 1b and future phases moved into the new affordable units.
Phase 1b is nearing completion with phased handovers occurring from March 2019 through to January 2020. This will provide 189 units 80 social rent, 25 shared ownership, and 84 sale.
In April 2019, the council wrote to all regeneration residents advising that a review of the scheme would take place.

Next steps

The council and its project partner, Catalyst, are undertaking a number of activities to review the scheme masterplan in light of the council’s ambitious commitment to build 2,500 genuinely affordable homes and continually emerging national, regional and local planning policy. These activities will include:

  • Examining extending with existing redline of the scheme by including additional development areas
  • Undertaking modelling to increase the scheme density
  • Revisit of the scheme phasing (both order of completion and sizes).

Once the review is completed a programme of consultation events will take place with all affected and interested stakeholders.