High Lane estate


High Lane estate is located in Hanwell. The estate was built in the 1970s and consists of 264 homes in total.

The council’s 2008 estates review designated High Lane as a medium intervention estate, where consideration would be given to different forms of improvement from refurbishment to complete redevelopment.

After an extensive consultation process with estate residents the council’s cabinet, on 21 July 2015, approved officers to progress the scheme to completely redevelop the estate by carrying out soft market testing, appointing legal and financial advisors, setting up a Developer Selection Group (DSG) of estate residents and carry out a procurement process to appoint a developer partner to work with the council to redevelop the estate.

Following a developer selection process, the council’s cabinet, in April 2017, selected a preferred partnership with Rydon Construction. Rydon and the council are now working with the residents and the council to develop proposals to rebuild the estate.