Appeals - council tax reduction

The appeal process

The Valuation Tribunal Service will log your appeal and send you an acknowledgement letter.

They will ask the council to confirm that you have already asked for your entitlement to be reviewed, and the date we issued our review outcome decision and that your appeal was made within two months of the date of the review outcome decision. They will send us a copy of your appeal. 

At any time before the tribunal hearing takes place, the council may look at the council tax reduction decision again and, if it can be changed, issue a new decision.  You may then choose to proceed with your appeal or withdraw it.

If you decide to go ahead with your appeal the council will issue submission papers to the Valuation Tribunal Service together with any comments you have told us. Once the Valuation Tribunal Service set a hearing date, they will advise you and the council.

A copy will be sent to you, and any representative if you have one, about six weeks before the hearing date, with a cover letter allowing 14 days for your comments.

Any changes in your circumstances must be reported to us straight away so we can look at your case again.  In this instance, you will receive a notification of the amendment to your award, which will have separate dispute rights.