Appeals - council tax reduction

Appeal against a council tax reduction decision

When we have considered your claim for council tax reduction we will send you a decision letter. This will show the information we have used to work out your entitlement. You should check this letter carefully.

Ask us to explain our decision

If you think the information used to work out your council tax reduction is wrong, you may ask us to explain it in writing.

Please tell us why you think the decision is wrong and include any evidence you have. We will explain the reasons for our decision or we may accept your request as a dispute and issue a formal review outcome decision.

Ask us to look at our decision again

If you want us to review our council tax reduction decision, you can send your request in writing by post, with the heading "CTR dispute" or you can use the online dispute form.

We will look at the decision again and then issue a review notice, within two months, which will explain the reasons for our decision taking into consideration what you have told us. 

If we change our decision we will tell you. 

If you are not happy with the outcome you have the right to appeal further.

Discretionary Council Tax Discounts (DCTD) 

If you think the decision is correct based on the information provided by you, and you are experiencing difficulties in meeting your council tax costs you may also apply for extra help.