Appeals - council tax reduction

How to appeal

An independent organisation called the Valuation Tribunal Service decides on all appeals. If they think that the council’s decision was wrong, they can change it. You may only appeal to the Valuation Tribunal once the decision has been reviewed by Ealing Council.

There is no time limit to request a review of a decision, but there is a time limit of two months after the outcome of the review, to make an appeal.

The grounds for requesting us to look at the decision again or submitting an appeal may include the following:

  • The council has stated the wrong moving-in date, e.g. you moved into the property on 15 April and not 15 May.
  • The council has used the wrong amount of income, e.g. you only receive £85 per week and not £95 per week as stated on your assessment.

Appeals must be submitted to the Valuation Tribunal Service within two months of the date of the review letter.  Ealing Council cannot accept your appeal.

The appeal form is available from the Valuation Tribunal website.             

Once completed it must be sent either:

  • via email to:
  • by post to: Valuation Tribunal, London Office, 2nd Floor, 120 Leman Street, London E1 8EU

You must give clear reasons for your appeal and submit any evidence as to why you think the calculation of your council tax liability, and council tax reduction assessment is wrong. 

Please note: It is not acceptable to say that you do not agree with the decision or that the amount of council tax reduction awarded is not enough. You need to say why you think the decision is wrong and give relevant facts. It will be helpful if you can provide evidence to support your appeal.

If you are appealing against more than one decision, you should identify the date of each decision and give the reasons why you do not agree with each one.