Tenancy management

The tenancy management teams help residents understand their tenancy agreements and deal with all housing tenancy related queries. 

Some of the areas we deal with include:

  • reports of subletting
  • abandonment
  • regularly visiting properties to make sure they are lawfully occupied
  • successions, survivorships and assignment requests
  • adding someone to your tenancy
  • advice on housing options such as transfers and the HomeSwapper (mutual exchange) and Out of London schemes
  • requests for lodgers, satellite dishes and pets 

Important: If you are a tenant living within a sheltered housing scheme you will receive help from your community housing officer/resident social worker as part of your support plan.

Verifying your tenancy - tackling subletting

Illegally sublet homes cost the council thousands of pounds every year. It also reduces the number of homes we can offer to genuine applicants and adds to the length of time genuine tenants have to wait for a transfer. To help tackle fraud and cut down on the number of illegally sublet homes, we conduct regular tenancy verification checks to establish that genuine tenants are in occupation.

Tenancy management officers will make unannounced visits to your home. You will be asked to provide photographic identification, proof of address, and details of your household composition. If you suspect that a property has been abandoned or that someone lives in a property without our consent, please report this to Ealing Council's 24-hour fraud hotline on freephone 0800 328 6453 or (020) 8825 7594 if you're using a mobile. 

Monitoring is an essential part of our decision-making process and, in order to effectively deliver our services and address any gaps in service provision, we will be asking you questions around equality. We will respect the information provided by you about your household and ensure the data is kept confidential. 

The interview should only take a few minutes and we hope we can rely on your co-operation to provide the relevant information.