Internal maintenance

A guide to the work we do and the ways you can help.

Internal communal areas, stairwells and lifts

We aim to sweep and mop lifts daily, all other communal internal areas and stairwells weekly, and respond to reports of spillages and other mess as soon as possible. Spot cleaning is carried out throughout the week to remove any hazards and spillages.

Our caretakers will also remove cobwebs, wipe down ledges and balustrades, and clean internal glass where accessible.  

What you can do to help: Keep the area you live in tidy and free of obstructions.  

Communal lighting

When communal lights are on in blocks during weekly cleaning, a visual check is carried out. Light bulbs are replaced when needed, if within reach.

What you can do to help: Report any lights that you think are not working or coming on at the right times.

Report a communal lighting problem

Chutes and chute rooms

We will try to clear blocked chutes within one working day, checking chute rooms regularly and sweeping/cleaning away mess when needed. Where chutes cannot be cleared by us this will be reported to the repairs service.

What you can do to help: Please make sure your rubbish is placed in small bags so they cannot block chutes. Do not leave your bags or rubbish on the floor of the chute room or in communal areas, as this is a fire hazard. Where available, use the recycling facilities on site rather than placing recyclable materials in your rubbish If not available, please make sure that cardboard boxes are broken down into small pieces before putting them in the chutes. 

Report a blocked chute or problem in a chute room

Reporting communal repairs

Our staff will inform the repairs team of any repairs or faults to communal areas, lifts and entry phones, as soon as the problem is identified.

What you can do to help: Report repairs by calling our contact centre on 0800 181744 to report or get updates on a communal repair.