Street trading

Do I need a licence?

You do not need a street trading licence if you are:

  • Trading as a peddler under licence issued by a Police authority
  • A market trader operating at a licensed market venue

If you are trading on private land you may not need a licence. However if you are trading on private land and you are within seven metres from the public highway you will need a street trading licence. If you are unsure please phone: (020) 8825 6000 or

Unlicensed street trading on the public highway is illegal. This includes:

  • Individuals/groups selling vehicles from the public highway (eg advertisements on a vehicle window)
  • 'Non-itinerant' ice cream selling (eg an ice cream van that remains in the same location for a considerable period of time or trades from prohibited streets which are Uxbridge Roads, High Streets, W5)
  • 'Pitching up' of a stall on public highway without a street trading licence

The council enforces illegal street trading across the borough and has the authority to refuse or revoke licenses under the London Local Authorities Act 1990 (as amended).