Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Request a re-rating

Your business will receive a new food hygiene rating each time we conduct a routine inspection of your premises. How often we do routine inspections depends on the risk your business poses to public health. The greater the risk, the more often we will inspect your business.

After you receive a poor food hygiene score and if you make the necessary improvements, you can ask for a re-rating visit. The revisit must be before the next scheduled inspection. On a re-rating inspection, we will reassess your business and hopefully give you a new, higher food hygiene rating. We will look carefully at the previous food safety officer’s comments about your business, which can be found in the report or letter we gave you. 

You must make sure that you take action to address any food hygiene issues from previous inspections. You can discuss anything you are unsure about with the food safety officer. You can also ask them for more help on how to make improvements.

It is also possible that your hygiene rating could go down on a re-visit.

To request a re-rating inspection, please fill in a revisit request form.

You will need to explain in detail what you have done to deal with the issues from your last inspection, and include supporting evidence such as receipts, pest control reports or photos to show what improvement work has been done. We may refuse your request if you do not give us enough information and evidence.

If we refuse your request, we will tell you why. We will also tell you the action you need to take or evidence you need to give us before we can approve your request.

There is no deadline to request a re-rating Inspection. You can ask any time after you have made the necessary improvements. Please email the completed form together with the supporting evidence to (Please note that we cannot accept zip files).

There is a fee of £240 for a re-rating inspection.

If we accept your application, we will contact you to explain how to pay this. Please do not send any money before the application has been accepted.

Request your rating to be published early

If your rating was lower than a 5, we will not publish or disclose the rating for a period of 35 days following the inspection, to give you the opportunity to appeal against it. However, if you are willing to sign a formal waiver to declare that you do not want to appeal the rating and would prefer it to be published earlier, you can do so by completing the early publication of rating form and returning it to us at