Your money and finance advice

Benefits calculator - Make sure you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to and calculate how much you could receive.

Personal budgeting support (LWA) - The local welfare assistance team can provide you with personalised advice on how to manage your budget so you can feel more in control of your finances. Learn Ealing, the council’s adult learning team also has free maths workshops and courses as part of a Multiply project such as moneysaving tips, manage your money and avoid debt, credit cards and interest rates and balancing income with expenditure.

Community benefits team - The community benefits team provides general advice about benefit entitlements.

Credit Union - Fair savings and loans.

Debt advice - Get independent and free advice from an organisation that specialises in supporting people who are in debt.

How much does it cost to run appliances in the home - Find out how much typical household appliances cost to run and which might be costing you the most money. 

Social tariffs for cheaper broadband and data - If you are on a low income, you could be paying less for your broadband or mobile phone bills.

Money saving ideas - Get ideas on how to save money on every day items and shop around for the best deals.

Freecycle - Find household objects being given away for free in your local community.

Be aware of scams - Find out how to identify if something may be a scam and what to do if you think you have been targeted.

Report a loan shark - If you or someone you know has borrowed money from an illegal money lender there is help available.