Ealing’s climate and ecological strategy

What we are doing

In 2021 we published our ambitious climate and ecological emergency strategy, setting out how we will work towards making Ealing carbon neutral by 2030. The strategy focuses on five key areas in which we feel we can make the most difference.

Each of the five themes within the strategy identifies unique objectives, targets and actions that will either reduce or capture carbon emissions in Ealing and beyond:

Our commitments

We are expanding access to Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVPC) by adding 400 EVPS on the streets each year. This will reduce the number of diesel cars on the streets and help residents and businesses switch towards electric vehicles. This will contribute towards the borough's target of 2,000 EV charging points by 2026.

We are investing in our council homes to make them more energy efficient. 44 council-owned homes are given a 'deep retrofit' on the Village Park Estate. Our free Healthy Homes Ealing service is available to all residents. They provide advice on how to make your home more energy efficient and identifies which grants might be available. Over 1,000 small and medium improvements were delivered across the borough by the end of 2022 to support the energy transition. 

The Ealing community embraces many different backgrounds and cultures, We are working with local organisations and stakeholders to set up the Food Partnership, focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and greater visibility to healthy, seasonal and sustainable food. We are increasing the levels of food waste bins in flats. At the end of 2022, 29% of flats recycle their food waste.

We also want the best-in-class parks and open spaces, making Ealing a green and family-friendly borough while improving biodiversity and air quality. We have seen during the pandemic that access to green space is critical for residents' health and wellbeing and want to increase access to open and green space. We are committed to planting 50,000 trees across Ealing and will continue protecting Ealing's biodiversity for all residents and visitors. We want to ensure the integration of open spaces into our physical environment by designing and developing new infrastructure and investing in existing facilities.


The climate and ecological emergency strategy committed to providing progress updates every two years, and to share key achievements from across the community in tackling the crisis.