Our neighbourhoods

Ealing’s town centres and high streets are vital to the borough’s economic, social and civic life. They provide much more than a shopping experience, they are focal points for our communities, thriving places to meet, learn, work, have fun and relax. They provide easy access to the services we use every day, instill a shared sense of local pride and attract business and jobs.

There are seven town centres in the borough and many other local shopping parades.

Despite being central to our daily lives high streets face many challenges including competition from out-of-town shopping centres and online retailers.

We want Ealing’s high streets and town centres to be buzzing with economic activity and cultural life and we want Ealing to be an even better place to live and work.

With this in mind, Ealing’s economic regeneration team aims to:

  • Enhance the character of our town centres and high streets
  • Improve pedestrian, cycle and vehicular movement
  • Support local trade
  • Encourage enterprise and the creation of new jobs.

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