Low traffic neighbourhoods in Ealing

Existing LTNs

Following support from local residents and through consultations, two low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) remain in place.

  • Adrienne Avenue 
  • Deans Road/Montague Avenue  

Former LTNs

After successfully managing traffic in residential areas, especially during the pandemic when more households were walking and cycling, some LTNs have been removed.

  • Acton Central   
  • Bowes Road   
  • Junction Road   
  • Loveday Road   
  • Mattock Lane   
  • Olive Road   
  • West Ealing North  

All decisions to keep or remove LTNs have taken place after consulting with residents.  

Following the recent changes, Councillor Deirdre Costigan, Cabinet Member for Climate Action has stated that “we remain committed to active travel, but if we want to tackle the climate crisis we know we must take local people with us. We have pledged to be an open, transparent and inclusive council, and that includes being honest about what works and what doesn’t.” 

Information and data regarding the consultation and implementation of LTNs: