Low traffic neighbourhoods in Ealing borough

Following support from local residents and through consultations, 2 low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) remain in place:

  • Adrienne Avenue 
  • Deans Road and Montague Avenue  

LTNs removed

We removed some LTNs in 2021. They managed traffic well in residential areas during the COVID-19 pandemic, when more people were walking and cycling. 

  • Acton Central   
  • Bowes Road   
  • Junction Road   
  • Loveday Road   
  • Mattock Lane   
  • Olive Road   
  • West Ealing North  

We asked residents for their views before removing any LTNs

The council collects data sheets that are provided by a traffic survey company. You can ask us for this information by emailing transportplanningservice@ealing.gov.uk and telling us which road you would like to get data on.  

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