Sole adult occupiers

The council tax bill assumes that two or more adults live in the property. If only one adult lives in the property (as their main home) the bill may be reduced by 25%.

Someone who normally resides in a property but moves away temporarily (for example because of work, or travelling,  or family circumstances) may still be considered to have their main home in the property unless they become responsible for council tax as a resident at another address.

Some people are disregarded when we count the number of adults living in a property. This means that the bill for a property where one of the two adult residents is disregarded will be the same as that for a property with one resident.

How to apply

You can claim a sole adult occupier discount by completing the single person discount application form

Note that checks across internal and external records are made to verify that discounts are awarded only in appropriate circumstances, and ongoing reviews of accounts are carried out to ensure that any discounts remain valid.

A sole adult occupier discount will continue for as long as you occupy the property as a sole adult. The following changes may affect your discount and you should let us know if:

  • another adult comes to stay with you and your property becomes their main home
  • child living with you reaches the age of 18
  • you leave the property on a permanent basis

If your circumstances change and you are unsure whether they will affect your entitlement please contact us. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to advise the correct position. We may need to ask you for more details to help clarify at which address any relevant persons have their sole or main residence.

How to appeal

If you are not awarded a discount and disagree with our decision you should write to us. You must explain why you believe you are entitled to a discount. If we still do not believe you are eligible you can appeal to the valuation tribunal.