Early Help Assessment and Plan (EHAP)

Benefits of using an EHAP

For the child and their family:

  • Effective, early identification of needs
  • A single assessment offering access to multi-agency support without the need for numerous referrals and processes
  • Full participation, shared decisions and transparency.

For professionals:

  • The EHAP is a shared, accessible process offering a single structure and approach to conducting a holistic assessment of needs, planning how to meet those needs and reviewing progress.
  • A common structure to record and share information amongst practitioners which reduces duplication and makes it easier to spot warning signs in terms of safeguarding children.
  • Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings (which are integral to the EHAP process) ensure a balance of input and ownership between professionals, the child/young person and their family.
  • Working together in this way ensures services gain a better understanding of each other’s remit and capacity – enabling better collaboration in future.