Early Help Assessment and Plan (EHAP)

The Early Help Assessment and Plan (EHAP) is the process and tool Ealing uses for professionals to supporting children and young people and their families, through the delivery of multi-agency, multi-disciplinary or targeted support. This is done as early as possible to tackle an emerging problem or issue before it becomes bigger, harder to address and affects the development or life chances of the child or children in the family.

The EHAP is only used when a multi-agency approach is necessary. Where one service can address the needs of the child successfully or if a family has social care involvement, an EHAP is not needed.

The Family Information Service (FIS) is the supporting service for EHAP use. The FIS give EHAP advice, register EHAPs, deliver training and supply copies of the EHAP pack which contains all the forms and guidance needed to use the process.

EHAP training 

EHAP training aims to support professionals working with families, to improve their understanding of the EHAP process in Ealing - offering children, young people and their families a simple route to multi-agency and targeted early help and support.  

Training sessions, which take place online via Microsoft Teams, start at 10am and finish at 12.30pm.

Please email EHAP@ealing.gov.uk to register your interest in attending training sessions.