Early Help Assessment and Plan (EHAP)

How to start using the EHAP

EHAP registration process for professionals

You must contact the Family Information Service (FIS) to confirm whether an EHAP already exists for a child, young person or their siblings, even if you think there may not be an active EHAP. Please contact the FIS with the following details to carry out preliminary checks.

Information required for a preliminary check:

  • Child's name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Sibling details - name and date of birth
  • Your complete contact details - an email signature is sufficient provided it contains your telephone number, full name, job role and organisation.

The information can be sent to the FIS in the following ways:

Preliminary check results confirmed

An FIS officer carries out preliminary checks and responds via email to confirm the outcome. You will either be asked to register the EHAP or directed to the lead professional of an existing EHAP.

Failure to carry out preliminary checks could result in the unnecessary completion of an EHAP for a child were one already exists. This duplicates work and undermines the transparent, multi-agency framework.

Registering an EHAP

Once the EHAP initiator comments and identifying details have been competed, the EHAP can be registered and a unique EHAP registration number will be issued.

There are a number of ways to register an EHAP:

  • Online EHAP form: Once submitted a PDF version of the EHAP will be available to download and saved securely at local level.
    The EHAP registration number will be emailed.
  • Email: Send a copy of the EHAP securely to EHAP@ealing.gov.uk or for NHS professionals lnwh-tr.ealingehap@nhs.net.
    The EHAP registration number will be emailed.
  • Telephone: Call the FIS and an Information Officer will take the EHAP registration details over the telephone and issue the EHAP registration number
    Telephone: 020 8825 5588 (9am-5pm). Please be aware Option 3 is quite time consuming so we recommend registering through option 1 or 2.

Open and active EHAPs

The FIS holds a central record of all EHAP registration details. However it is the responsibility of the lead professional to contact the services outlined in the action plan, copy them in on the EHAP and start the process of accessing services to help and support the family.

It is important to keep the EHAP progress updated

If you decide to use the EHAP web portal as a way of recording the EHAP. All the information the FIS need will automatically be sent once the EHAP is submitted.

If you are not using the EHAP web portal,  in order for the FIS to maintain accurate records, the FIS needs to be informed of the following:

  • Team around the family (TAF) meeting dates
  • Attendees (names and roles) only
  • Lead professional (LP) changes - Unless indicated otherwise, the EHAP initiator will be registered as the current lead professional.
  • Closing an EHAP - Stating the reason for closure having completed an 'action plan review' and ticking the relevant box on that page. A copy must be sent to the FIS of your closed EHAP by either secure email to EHAP@ealing.gov.uk for NHS professionals, use lnwh-tr.ealingehap@nhs.net, or by registered post to Family Information Service, 2/SE/ 14 Plum, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL.