Ealing Children's Integrated Response Service

Ealing Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub

The Ealing MASH is a model for managing and responding to referrals received by Ealing Children’s Integrated Response Service (ECIRS). The MASH is a multi-agency team of professionals who work together to share information within a secure environment to support better decision-making on cases. By bringing representatives of different agencies together, more information is available in relation to each case, meaning a more sound assessment of risk can be made. This will ultimately result in better decisions being made, leading to better outcomes for children and young people.

The existing procedure remains in place for referrals to ECIRS where there are concerns for the safety and welfare of children.

It is then the decision of the duty manager if a case meets threshold to be discussed in the MASH meeting; the level of concern must be deemed ‘level 3’ in accordance with Ealing's Thresholds of Need & Assessment Protocols 2019/20.

There must be clear rationale around why a case warrants a multiagency discussion. It is the expectation that professionals will have obtained consent for information sharing from families when they are referring in to ECIRS as this is a multi-agency team. However, where it has not been possible to obtain consent, the duty manager will make a decision on further action taken. Please refer to Ealing’s Fair Processing Notice- Privacy Statement.

If the case clearly meets the threshold for a Child and Family Assessment or Child Protection Investigation, the case is prepared and referred to one of Ealing’s MAST teams immediately. For other cases, following the MASH meeting the case is allocated within ECIRS whilst the information is gathered. Once a case has been presented at the MASH meeting, the feedback is given within a maximum of 24 hours and an action plan agreed. The emphasis is on triggering interventions and assessments where appropriate for the child/young person and their family to prevent harm whether that is best led by MAST or other services identified e.g. Youth Justice Service, SAFE, ESCAN.

For more information on the MASH, please visit London Safeguarding Board website.