Disabled parking

Blue Badges (disabled badges)

The Blue Badge scheme gives a range of parking concessions for drivers and passengers with disabilities or mobility problems, who have difficulty using public transport. The scheme operates throughout the UK, although the parking concession can vary between different London boroughs. The following information outlines the rules for Blue Badge holders in Ealing.

On-street parking

Blue Badge holders can park free of charge for an unlimited time in the following bays:

  • Disabled bays
  • Pay and display bays
  • Free bays (stop and shop bays)
  • Resident bays.

Note: maximum stay restrictions do not apply for Blue Badge holders when parking in these bays. 

Off-street parking

Blue Badge holders can park free of charge for an unlimited period of time in any council managed car park. This only applies during the car park's controlled hours. Blue Badge holders can park in any bay except for those specifically reserved for other use, as indicated by signs and bay markings (eg "permit holders only" bay).

Some car parks have dedicated disabled bays with a three hour maximum time limit for Blue Badge holders. When parking in one of these bays your time clock must accompany your Blue Badge. You are also not permitted to return to the same bay for two hours once your three hour maximum period has expired.

List of council car parks

Parking on yellow lines

Blue Badge holders can park on single or double yellow lines where loading restrictions do not apply, providing they do not cause an obstruction. They can park for a maximum of three hours as long as a time clock is displayed alongside the Blue Badge to indicate the time of arrival.

Where not to park

  • Suspended bays
  • Specifically reserved bays, such as for the police, fire brigade, ambulance, doctors, veterinary, buses, coaches, taxis, motorbikes and car clubs
  • On the pavement, unless there is a sign or road markings at the location to state otherwise
  • White zig-zag markings at pedestrian crossings
  • Yellow zig-zag lines outside schools (unless outside of the controlled hours)
  • Loading bays (unless the activity of loading/unloading is being carried out)
  • Where there are loading restrictions (indicated by kerb blips)

Blue Badge holder low traffic neighbourhood exemption

The council is permitting an exemption for Blue Badge holders to drive through their low traffic neighbourhood barriers.  

Apply for a blue badge local traffic neighbourhood.

European Blue Badges

Blue Badges that have the European logo displayed can be used in the UK. These badges have the same rights as UK issued badges.

Further information on using Blue Badges can be found on Citizens Advice.