Blue badge scheme

Lost, stolen and unused badges

How to return unused badges

If you no longer use your blue badge or you have a badge that belonged to a relative who has passed away, please return the badge to:

Ealing BBA
PO Box 68276
W5 9LQ

Report a lost or stolen blue badge

If you have lost your badge or your badge has been stolen you must let us know.

Before you start

If your badge has been stolen, you must report it to the police. They will give you a crime reference number. 

It costs £10 to replace a blue badge. If you have a crime reference number, you do not need to pay this. 

Your replacement badge will be valid until the expiry date of the original badge. If your badge is due to expire in less than three months, you may want to reapply instead.

You will need

  • Credit or debit card (if lost)
  • Crime reference number (if stolen).

What happens next

We will send you a replacement badge within 10 working days.

Please check My Account for updates. 

This form should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Report a lost or stolen blue badge online