Dropped kerb enforcement

Vehicles should not park next to a dropped kerb. This could be a driveway, cycle lane or to help people cross the road. If you park in front of a dropped kerb, you may get a parking fine, also known as a penalty charge notice (PCN).  

Your family and visitors to your property can park in front of the dropped kerb outside your property with your permission.

They still need a visitor permit, if parking in a controlled parking zone (CPZ).

If the dropped kerb is shared with a neighbour, then they cannot park there. 

If you live within a CPZ and have a parking bay outside your property and a white line marking the dropped kerb, any vehicle can park in front of your dropped kerb.

They just need to have a permit to park during the CPZ hours. 

Report parking in front of a dropped kerb

You will need to register your dropped kerb with us before we can issue a ticket. 

If a vehicle is parked in front of your driveway, you can report it by phoning 020 8825 6677, choose option 1 (Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm).

Outside of these times (8am to 9am and 5pm to 11pm), please call the out of hours team on 020 8825 5000. 

You will need to leave a message with the details of the vehicle blocking your dropped kerb, your full address and dropped kerb (DK) reference number.