Food waste recycling

Your recycling does make a difference

Your food waste is taken to a special processing plant where it is used to generate electricity to power homes and the local community. It also produces a fertiliser which can be used in farming.

This costs less and is better for the environment.  

Food waste is collected weekly on your scheduled collection day.

You can line your food waste bin with newspaper or a compostable bag. This will help prevent smells and stops food waste sticking to the inside of your bin. Please do not use plastic bags to line your bins.

Yes please No thanks
Bread and pastries Cardboard and thin card
Dairy, fish and egg shells Carrier bags, black sacks and cling film
Fruit and vegtable peelings Liquids
Leftovers and plate scrapings Nappies
Meat and bones Packaging (any)
Tea bags and coffee grounds Pet litter
Vegtables Tissue and kitchen roll

Your food waste bin will not be emptied if it contains any of the unwanted items above.

We do not provide the compostable liners.

If you need a new or replacement outdoor food waste bin, you can order a new one for free.

How to use your food waste caddy

Your caddy can sit on your worktop or inside a kitchen cupboard.

  1. Line your kitchen caddy or any other small plastic container with a caddy liner or newspaper and put your food waste in it (no plastic bags).
  2. Whenever you need to empty your caddy, tie the top of the liner. Remember not to let it get too full before emptying it.
  3. Then empty your food caddy into the communal recycling bin located in your refuse area or next to the communal bins for your other recycling services.