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Recycling and rubbish collections are collected on alternate weeks for most households in the borough, recycling 1 week and rubbish the next.

Food waste is collected every week and garden waste is collected fortnightly. 

Alternate recycling and rubbish collections will reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality by reducing the number of collection trucks on the streets.

Check online to find out if your next collection is your rubbish or recycling collection week.

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Wheelie bins

As part of the service, most households have recycling and rubbish collected from wheelie bins.

Wheelie bins make it easier to recycle and stop foxes and rats ripping open sacks. This will help to keep our streets cleaner. They also prevent recycling being blown away from open containers. 

If there is a problem with your wheelie bin please contact customer services on 020 8825 6000.

Help moving your bins

If you are not able to to move your recycling and rubbish bins on collection day, we may be able to help you.

Request help moving your bins

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