Highway maintenance

All council-maintained roads (public highway) in the borough are regularly inspected – every month for major roads, and every three months on minor roads. 

Defects (such as potholes or uneven pavements) which meet the council’s intervention level criteria, and that might cause a trip or fall, are scheduled for repair and receive immediate attention.  Defects that are noted during these inspections are prioritised in accordance with their level of danger.  Other defects (such as cracked paving) which do not meet these criteria are regularly monitored as part of the inspection programme.  

In addition to the regular safety inspections an annual condition survey is carried out of all council-maintained pavements and roads. This survey complies with the requirements of the Department of Transport and assesses the condition of each road and pavement.  An independent highway inspector notes and measures any defects in each section of pavement or road, then calculates a condition rating for each section based on this.  A higher scores indicates a greater need for maintenance.

The council then selects streets for the annual resurfacing programme based on this condition rating.  

Report a road defect

List of roads and footpaths being resurfaced