Street parties, events and processions

The type of application required depends on whether it is a ‘street party’ or ‘event’. Please read the definitions provided below and if you are still not sure, email the events service for guidance before applying.

In addition to applying to use council land to hold a street party or event, you will also need to apply for any associated licences and street trading, traffic orders or parking restrictions.

Street parties

This is the required process for most community street parties - but not the King Charles III street parties. There is a separate process for the coronation street parties.

The street party format is defined as follows:

  • Are organised by and for residents or neighbours (please do not advertise your street party more widely
  • Are for less than 250 people
  • Take place no earlier than 10am and not later than 7pm
  • Only have tables and chairs on the street, no temporary structures, so no marquees, stages or bouncy castles
  • Take place on a residential street or residential area like a green - there can be no bus routes, shop fronts or businesses that will be affected and your street cannot be a through route for traffic
  • Food should not be cooked at the party, only indoors or in advance. No barbecues are allowed on the street. 
  • Cannot have any commercial activity or trading taking place; such as burger vans, sale of other items including alcohol, or raising money for a cause or charity.
  • Can have recorded music played through a speaker system but cannot have licensable activities such as a live music performance

If your street party does not match the above format, it may be classed as a ‘street event’. If you are not sure email the event service.

Make your application

Please download and complete the street party application form and send to the events service at least four weeks prior to your event.

For more information on street parties visit Do Something Good or The Street Party Site.

Street events and processions

If you wish to hold a street event or procession on a highway you will need to follow the application process for holding an event.

Road closures

Should the event require any formal road closures, you will also need to apply for a temporary traffic order at least eightweeks prior to your event. Associated fees and charges will apply.

A copy of your traffic management plan will be required which should include:

  1. Procession route and timings
  2. Road closure points
  3. Diversion routes
  4. Advance warning sign locations
  5. Pedestrian management
  6. Impact on surrounding brough and transport network (TfL)

If your event uses highways land but you are not sure of a traffic order is required, email

Parking restrictions

Where applicable, the applicant must apply directly for parking suspensions or controlled parking zones. Additional charges will apply.