Ealing Prevent

Prevent community engagement projects

In Ealing we recognise that to successfully reduce the risk of radicalisation we need to work in partnership with our local communities; for that reason we place great importance on local people delivering services to our communities. The local team continues to engage with a number of civil society organisations and faith establishments, ensuring the implementation and delivery of Prevent reflects local needs. We do this through our Prevent Advisory Group in Ealing (PAGE) which enables us to work on joint projects to build community resilience and raise awareness of how vulnerable individuals could be exploited by radicalisers and extremists. 

Below are some community organisations that we work closely with to support and safeguard our communities.

  • Somali Advice and Development Centre (SADC) was founded in November 2002. SADC is a registered charity serving mainly the Somali community in Ealing. They work with local statutory agencies including schools, children and youth services, social services and voluntary organisations. SADC provide help and support to people at risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of crime and anti-social behaviour. One of SADC’s projects is the Somali Community Resilience Project which aims to help parents understand the dangers of radicalisation and where they can seek further advice and support if they have a concern. The organisation also supports Somali young people to develop an understanding of critical thinking approaches to enable them to build resilience against those who may seek to exploit them.
  • London Tigers is an award winning registered charity that engages with disadvantaged young people and communities across London. They deliver a range of activities from sports, education and employment as well as cohesion based projects. One of their projects is Building Community Resilience, this focuses on supporting young people on exploring issues around identity, sense of belonging and deconstructing extremist narratives as well as building community engagement.
  • Ealing Community and Voluntary Service (ECVS) is a registered charity supporting local civil society groups in Ealing for over 30 years. ECVS has worked on a mental health project which supports civil society groups to safeguard vulnerable individuals at risk of radicalisation. Currently they are working across the borough delivering the Muslimah Matters programme which engages hard to reach communities on local issues. They do this by using creative approaches to support young girls and women to explore sensitive issues in a safe space. This includes crime prevention, online safety, safeguarding, islamophobia and radicalisation.
  • Southall Community Alliance (SCA) is a Southall based organisation that brings residents and community groups together to tackle current issues which affect local communities in Ealing. SCA has been at the forefront of encouraging community dialogue and participation around the risks of radicalisation and how the local Prevent programme can ensure community voices and groups are represented from across the borough.