Animal welfare

Stray and lost dogs

Stray dogs

The council has a duty under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to deal with stray dogs. To do this we work in partnership with SDK Environmental Ltd.

  • To report a stray dog phone 03444 828320 24 hours a day

The service

  • Confined stray dogs: 24 hours a day, seven days a week: When a person has found a dog, they will need to confine it. The service will only collect confined dogs i.e. in the house, shed or garage.
  • Roaming stray dogs: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday: Our contractor will pick up a stray dog (if practical) if it is roaming free and not under the control of any person. Roaming stray dogs cannot be collected from private land without the landowner's consent.
  • If an owner can be identified and contacted, and lives within the borough of Ealing, the dog will be returned directly to them. If not, the dog is taken to kennels. If the owner cannot be identified or contacted the dog will become the property of the council and will be gifted for re-homing after seven days.

Fees with effect from September 2022

If we pick up a dog and it is taken to kennels there will be a fee for its return. These charges are collected by our contractor and must be paid in full before the dog is returned. There are no concessionary schemes currently in operation. The fees are as follows:

  • statutory fee:  £25
  • collection fee:  £70
  • admin fee:  £50
  • kennelling fee per day:  £26
  • return dog from kennel:  £0
  • any veterinary fees and charges which have been incurred

Once all fees have been paid your dog will be returned to you at a mutually convenient time. Dogs can only be returned to addresses within the borough of Ealing. Alternatively you may collect the dog from the holding facility by appointment.

Dog owners can help us to ensure that if your dog does stray it can be returned to you by having it micro chipped and or wearing a collar with a tag giving your current contact details. It is essential that these details are kept up to date.  

Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog and wish to claim it, please check the website   

Proof of ownership will be required and fees will need to be paid prior to being reunited with your dog.