Golf Links Estate

Resident involvement

Get involved 

The council wishes to engage residents and work side by side to enhance the development already carried out on the estate by undertaking wholesale redevelopment of the remaining blocks. To do this, we must make sure that residents are truly involved in the design and proposals for the estate. The council intends to ballot estate residents and eligible voters asking if they are in favour of such changes to the Golf Links Estate.

The council is seeking to hold a ballot of residents in 2022. To progress this we are running a number of virtual, and in person, workshops and meetings, to:

  • Develop a residents’ design charter which will capture resident and community priorities for any future redevelopment
  • Develop the Landlord Offer - this is the council's proposal to both leaseholders and tenants that residents will need to vote on.  

The opening event

This event on 21 August 2021 launched the series of workshops, meetings and site visits. 

Boards displayed at the event

This is what you told us about your estate, your open spaces and your homes.

Workshop 1

Master planning principles: 

  • A well-connected neighbourhood 
  • High quality building design 
  • Good internal layout for new homes  
  • High quality landscape, open space and play  
  • A safe and secure neighbourhood.

Boards displayed at workshop 1

Summary report of workshop 1, including resident feedback

Workshop 2 

We want to share and discuss ideas about sustainable new buildings and homes, and how these could be designed for better living. This includes: 

  • Feedback from workshop 1 and the site visit 
  • What are the design priorities for sustainable new buildings? 
  • What makes high quality building design? 
  • What makes good internal layouts for homes? 

Boards displayed at workshop 2

Summary report of workshop 2

Workshop 3 

We want to share and discuss ideas about open spaces, play and streets, and how these could be designed. This will include: 

  • What are your design priorities for open space? 
  • What makes good street design? 
  • What makes good, shared amenity spaces? 
  • What makes good play spaces for various age groups? 
  • What makes sustainable and usable roof spaces? 

Boards displayed at workshop 3

Individual table displays for workshop 3

Summary report of workshop 3

Future events

Further events will include the draft residents design charter - concluding exhibition

If you are interested in taking part, then please contact Desrine Vickers via email or telephone 020 8825 6141. 

The council have engaged the services of Source Partnership who are a Social Housing Resident Engagement consultancy acting as Independent Tenant and Leaseholder Advisors on the council’s proposed regeneration of the Golf Links Estate. Their role is to help all residents and owners understand the possible impact of the council’s plans and to provide support and advice on the likely process of the regeneration proposals.  

Source Partnerships work for the residents and are independent of the council. 

The lead advisor is John Morris who can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 07709 091919.

COVID-19 and social distancing present the council with challenges as to how we can continue to engage and consult with residents, and it is something we can develop and improve together as we move forward.