Golf Links Estate

About the estate

Golf Links estate is located in south Greenford. It consists of several different building types, including six-storey maisonette blocks, low-rise blocks and three-tower blocks.

The council’s 2008 estates review highlighted that Golf Links needs a lot of work to address the improvements needed to bring it up to the government's Decent Homes standard.

The review showed that:

  • Residents who live in the low-rise blocks and towers are very satisfied with their homes
  • Residents of the medium rise blocks are not satisfied with their homes
  • St David’s Court and Lytham Court both require structural strengthening. This would be extremely costly and disruptive for residents.

Following the results of the review, the council agreed to work with residents to consider the regeneration options for Golf Links. Consultation with residents in all blocks shows that most people were relatively satisfied. The council therefore pursued redevelopment of the three blocks that require significant structural work and in October 2009 Cabinet approved the redevelopment of St. David’s, Lytham and Cromer Courts.

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Desrine Vickers - Regeneration Officer
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