Local energy initiatives

Ealing Council energy initiatives

A number of the initiatives and partnerships that Ealing Council supports or encourages have been detailed in the other energy efficiency pages on the council website. This page lists the main council initiatives related to energy efficiency. 

Big London Energy Switch (BLES)

Note: Ealing Council does not advise residents to switch energy provider at present. Fluctuating prices mean there is no guarantee of cheaper energy prices. Residents should only do this when no other option is available i.e. when moving home.

For more information about energy bills, contact the Healthy Homes Ealing team on 0800 083 2265 (Monday – Friday between 9am – 5pm) or complete our self-referral form to see what help is offered. You may also make a referral on behalf of someone else.

Ealing Council is part of the Big London Energy Switch, a collective switching scheme run by a number of councils in London. It brings people together to use collective buying power to secure better deals on their gas and electricity bills. Anyone who pays a bill can take part, including tenants and customers on pre-pay meters.

ECO Flex - Statement of intent

ECO Flex funding enables every local authority to make a declaration to an energy company, for a qualifying resident* to receive a range of energy efficiency measures (the final decision on funding rests with the energy company). To take part in ECO Flex each local authority must have a statement of intent which details the criteria for a qualifying resident. 

*Qualifying residents will either be fuel poor, or vulnerable to the cold, as defined in the statement of intent, or the Healthy Homes Ealing Programme (free phone 0800 083 2265).