Local energy initiatives

Summary of council projects

RE:FIT Phase 1
The council has installed energy conservation measures at council buildings through the Mayor of London's RE:FIT framework. This framework utilises energy performance contracting where an energy saving company (ESCO) implements a project along with a guarantee on the energy savings.

The buildings included were Perceval House (the council's largest building), Ealing Town Hall and Greenford Hall. The combined effect of the work is a 29.8% decrease in energy consumption and a net annual cost saving of £200,000.

RE:FIT Phase 2
The council entered into a joint procurement with the West London Alliance to appoint an Energy Services Company (ESCO) to complete energy efficiency works at council sites. The council will roll this out in phases at council sites and schools where feasible.

Assessment of buildings
The council will complete energy surveys at its highest energy consuming buildings . The recommendations arising from these assessments will be used as the foundation of a business case for the procurement of energy efficiency measures.

Energy efficiency projects
The council will look for opportunities to implement energy efficiency projects throughout all council buildings, including the replacement of boilers, installation of LED lighting and controls and improving building fabric to improve thermal performance.

Renewable energy projects
The council will investigate the feasibility of securing decentralised energy for 25% of 'council buildings' consumption in line with the GLA target.