Energy companies obligation

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a requirement by the government on the bigger energy companies to help provide energy efficiency measures for low income households and properties that are harder to treat. If you are eligible, you can get this help from any energy supplier, whether or not they supply energy to you. Find out more about the scheme. You may also call Healthy Homes Ealing to learn if you qualify for ECO funding on 0800 083 2265.

Measures included in the ECO scheme include:

  • Insulation (for example, cavity wall, loft, solid wall insulation - internal solid wall and external solid wall)
  • Heating controls
  • First time central heating
  • Non-gas boilers
  • Electric storage heaters
  • Renewable heating

If you are a tenant or a leaseholder you will need the agreement of the landlord before you can have any work done.

Landlords may also apply under the scheme; however, replacement or repair of broken heating systems is the responsibility of the landlord. If you are a landlord, you will need the agreement of the tenant or leaseholder before you can have any work done.

To view full eligibility criteria, please see Ealing Council’s Energy Statement of Intent.

Below is the approved ECO suppliers list for Ealing. The list includes trustmark registration numbers and contact details for residents looking for further information on Green Homes Grant or ECO energy efficiency measures.

Company name Customer email Customer number Trust mark no. Postcode Website link
Agility ECO 01372 738952 not available SM2 5BN

Aran Insulation Ltd

not available

01284 812 520 1777405 IB28 6NE

Berks Insulation Ltd 8000025837 1721329 SL2 5DT

Eaga Energy Ltd 01792 720749 1758648 NP16 5E
Energy Saving Group 0203 797 6332 1760647 EC2V 6DL
Energy Specifics Ltd not available 0800 083 7670 1732037 GU24 0BS
Evolve Home Energy Solutions 0800 292 2554 1827508 NP25 3SR
Golden Globe Merchants Ltd 020 7096 5097 1732530 IG11 8BB
Green Deal Centre 0121 702 1637 1732530 GU24 0BS
InstaGroup Ltd 0800 526 023 0011638 RG40 4PZ
NCS Property Maintenance 01992 535 236 1748725 SG14 1PL
Origin Energy Service 0800 783 0071 0013557 DE21 4BF
RJM Insulation 0203 417 7474 1757748 UB4 OSD
South Coast Insulation Services Ltd 01329 822845 0014810 PO15 5RU
Sustain Energy 0121 359 3838 0015113 B6 4NF
Work Work Ltd not available 020 8902 7290 1605611 N11 1GN
Zing Energy 0330 808 4365 1712953 CF15 7QR
Direct Savings not available 01506 444161 1725345 BD5 9AG
Dyson Energy Savings 0800 833018 0009315 HD6 1PT 
Ellipse Energy 0800 108 8824 1968402 LE4 5NU
Network Energy Ltd 0203 689 5196 1722036 HA0 1SU